Responding to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #155 with the theme ” HORROR “.

I sit curled on my bed, clutching a broom, staring at the cobwebs appearing on the ceiling. I see no spiders, just cobwebs. How can that be? Where are the spiders? Cause and effect. I see the effect but what is the cause. I jump up on my bed and sweep the broom across the ceiling, yelling a battle cry as the cobwebs disintegrate and disappear from my sight. I sit down on the bed and yell in triumph and relief. I glance up and notice the cobwebs appearing again, doubling in frequency this time. They soon cover the ceiling and slowly start their descent down the wall creeping towards me. I jump up in hysteria, screaming in anger, swishing the broom against the wall, curling it upward towards the ceiling. No matter how much I sweep the cobwebs keep appearing. Exhausted by my efforts I collapse on the bed as the cobwebs approach and entangle me. I frantically try to break free but become ensnared in their web.

It is then the spiders appear, scurrying from a hole in the corner of the ceiling. They skitter down the webs, rushing around, pouring over each other in their race to reach me. I become frantic and scream as the first spider climbs up my leg towards my face. The scream was a mistake as the spider rushes inside my mouth and I inadvertently gulp and swallow the arachnoid. Soon dozens of spiders are scrambling over me searching for doorways into my body. They enter my nose, mouth, ears and eyes and I begin to suffocate and choke on their numbers. I start losing all sense of reality and pass out.

The buzzer rang as the nurse was summoned towards the commotion in room 126. She looked through the glass window into the room and observed Mr. Finnigan jumping on his bed making sweeping actions towards the ceiling. He than subsided on his bed, seeming to relax, before screaming in fear and brushing some invisible objects from his body. His screaming changed into a whimpering cry before he passed out on the bed. Nurse Rowling glanced at his chart which diagnosed schizophrenia with an extreme case of arachnophobia.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

15 thoughts on “Spiders

    1. I got this from Wikipedia ” Kafka had a lifelong suspicion that people found him mentally and physically repulsive”.
      I’m sure Kafka was the kind of person who beat himself up all the time. I have never read Metamorphosis, but it certainly sounds interesting. Beetles instead of spiders, but still on the insect theme.

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