The Intellectual Dark Web

Professor Jordan Peterson

I recently posted a blog on postmodernism and I have just read an article by Michael Graeme that mirrors my views but in a much more eloquent fashion. I hope you will give it a read.

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8 thoughts on “The Intellectual Dark Web

  1. I am not sure he is hitting all the relevant points. He discusses using the Internet vs broadcast to find intellectual thought and debate, but the internet is controlled by censor freaks, who choose what you can and cannot view, and without both sides, uncensored, there can be no clean debate. So he is getting stories that tend to lean heavily to one side or the other, and here in US it seems that direction is tipping farther and farther left. The internet is no longer a reliable, viable source for intellect, or debatable topics.

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  2. I disagree. The internet is a vast jungle and there is still a lot of information waiting to be discovered. I have not found it to be overly censored and there is still a variety of voices. Have you watched any of Jordan Peterson’s debates? Nothing censored there, just good intellectual discussion.

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  3. Whoops…humanities depts in one one sentence like he and others did, kind of scapegoating and in my experience not always true…but good points in his argument. The main thing, just because we disagree does not mean we can’t love and care for each other and we might even change our opinions from time to time. Great re-post Len!


    1. Thanks, Gary. I agree that disagreement should not lead to an all-out war. You should hear the debates around our family get-togethers at the dinner table……and we still manage to survive.


  4. It’s interesting to read others’ views on such things, thanks.

    I have watched a few of Peterson’s talks and interviews on Youtube but didn’t find them all that good, not a very lucid speaker. Maybe his written work is better reasoned but I’ve been put off it now having heard him talk.


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