Apple Pie

Responding to Denise’s Six Sentence Story using the prompt word “SHOWER”.

Eve’s, dreams were of travel, but her penny pinching, soulless husband refused to waste money on such frivolity and despite her constant protestations refused to budge on this issue.

Eve was stubborn, refusing to give up her dreams and determined to give it one more try by baking her husband’s favorite, apple pie, to tempt him into a better mood.

Eve’s husband finished the apple pie with a sigh of satisfaction and Eve, giving him her most enticing look,suggested they take a shower together and make it an early night, to which he declined with a gigantic yawn, pleading fatigue.

The next evening, Eve watched, fascinated as her husband methodically consumed his apple pie, finished with a sigh of contentment, rose from his chair with a look of bewilderment, staggered forward and collapsed on the sofa.

Five hours earlier,Eve, had visited, Pandora, an old childhood friend and accepted a small vial of liquid from Pandora’s box, which she guaranteed as a lethal poison that would leave no trace in the system four hours after digestion.

Eve poured herself a glass of red wine and settled down for the four hour wait, reviewing the fine print in her husband’s life insurance policy, she had taken out the previous year, .

Thanks, Jane Tawel, for giving me the idea of Pandora when commenting on my previous post.

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49 thoughts on “Apple Pie

    1. My last blog was a guess who poem, and Jane Tawel commented that it was Pandora. I replied to her that Eve and Pandora had a lot in common as they were both first women, in the bible and Greek mythology. That’s what gave me the idea for my little story…..though taken a little out of context. Thanks for your comment, Annie.

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  1. Eve bakes an apple pie to tempt her husband. Hah! And then Pandora? Well, old stories celebrate! Will Eve and Pandora travel together, do you think?

    This is clever, Len–sardonic fun to read!

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    1. The coroner’s report came in. The verdict was a massive heart attack. The insurance company paid out on the policy and Eve is presently vacationing in Bermuda. Her idea of Paradise. Thanks, for the prompt, Denise.

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  2. Eve and her husband perhaps may have benefited from some marital counseling sessions if both were willing. As it turns out, it doesn’t look like she will be doing much traveling, nor will she have much of a view.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Pat. Eve’s husband refused counselling. I responded to Denise’s similar comment as follows. The coroner’s report came in. The verdict was a massive heart attack. The insurance company paid out on the policy and Eve is presently vacationing in Bermuda. Her idea of Paradise.

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  3. I’m tempted to say, ‘Once bitten, twice….” but that does not apply.

    I would (consider) suggesting that Eve and apples seem to have a certain propensity for sowing the seeds of discord*

    Fascinating reframing of what is, arguably, the second most important story that man tells, re-tells, perhaps as a reminder or maybe as a cautionary tale.

    *but I would be at risk of mixing mythical metaphors lol

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Bernadette. Yes, Eve had been planning it for a year. She purchased the insurance policy right after her husband refused to take counselling sessions with her. In fairness to Eve, she did give him one last chance as evidenced in the second sentence of my little story.

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    1. Thank you, D. Yes I thought Eve and Pandora would make a great team. The first woman in the bible and the first woman in Greek mythology, both accused of letting evil into the world.


  4. I love this, I totally LOVE this–fits right into my fantasies (not the shower part, the murder!). Exceptionally well done 🙂


    1. Thanks for commenting, Nyonglema. Counselling didn’t work in this case so she took drastic action. One of my twisted, humourous, stories. I like to try different things in my stories.


  5. You know what they say about one bad apple… This is fabulous, Len!! I love it!! 😄The Adventures of Pandora and Eve — oh what a tale they weave!! Let’s see what tricks they have up their sleeve! Revenge is as sweet as pie. 🤣😂


  6. I came back to add this reminded me of the pie in the book Thinner by Stephen King, which he wrote in the 80’s under his pen name Richard Bachman. It’s now published under Stephen King.


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