The Artist

Denise’s Six Sentence Story using the word ” HUNCH”.

They called him the hunchback who couldn’t get a dame, and laughed uproariously at their sardonic wit.

Hugo accepted the jibes with humor, after all wasn’t God the greater jester, having missed the final brush stroke in his creation.

Hugo had searched for his Esmeralda, but alas could find no beautiful muse to sooth his tortured soul.

Desperate in his rented rooms, Hugo hunted for a piece of charcoal and a yard of canvass to articulate his despair of God’s missed brush stroke.

Struggling to express his inner torment on canvas, Hugo discovered that God had painted a rich tapestry within his soul.

A year later he was wed to Grace, his disfigurement forgotten, his soul triumphant.

Published by lensdailydiary

Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

42 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. This is a striking story! You set the tone with the joke about the “dame” and then build on it with the feeling that the hunchback is the effect of God missing “the final brush stroke” in creation. Things are looking coarse and grim. Then there’s surprise in discovery and grace; and, what do you know, there’s Grace.

    I like this retelling. It’s clever, meaningful, and fun. If I may say, you are so good with short fiction, Len!

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    1. Not as far as you think. Persistence is the key. Grinding it out week after week. Smacking your head in frustration when the ideas don’t come. But plodding along any way. You’ve taken the first steps, just have to keep going. I’ve been enjoying your stories.

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      1. Yeah it’s quite easy so far because I have these fresah ideas and not really any pressure. Must be a bugger if someone is a pro writer, and they *have to* come up with something, or else.

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  2. Reading your Six, I couldn’t help be remember the old saying, “Great minds think alike, and fools seldom differ.”

    whew! safe on both counts…

    lol enjoyed your take on the story

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  3. Wow..this is a beautiful story. What a great message too. If you stop blaming and look beneath the obvious disfigurements, a lot more depth takes over.


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