Responding to Denise’s Six Sentence Story word prompt ” ZANY “. https://girlieontheedge1.wordpress.com/2020/07/12/sundays-six-sentence-story-word-prompt-116/

Jeremy exiting his class room seat, bumped into Stella sending her sprawling into Peter, causing triple embarrassment and Stella screaming at Jeremy “You clumsy elephant, watch where you’re going”, which resulted in the class trumpeting their amusement.

So the name Clumsy Elephant stuck and whenever he entered the class Jeremy was greeted with trumpeting calls and laughter, which was okay at first, but overtime became irritating and so Jeremy decided to confer with his teacher to come up with a plan.

The next morning at the end of the math lesson, Miss Kelly announced to the class that she had a surprise for them and loudly clapping her hands beckoned Jeremy forward from outside the class, dressed as a circus ringmaster, carrying a large object covered with cloth .

Jeremy swept away the cloth to reveal a doll house with four little mice scurrying inside doing zany tricks, chasing each other in circles, cartwheeling on mini trampolines, riding up and down on a teeter totter and maneuvering tiny skateboards around the house.

Jeremy gave a sweeping bow to his class mates but in doing so swept his arms a little too wide and knocked the dolls house from the table, sending it crashing to the floor, with the mice escaping and scurrying all around the classroom, causing great hilarity, with the boys chasing the mice and some of the more timid girls screaming and jumping on top of their desks.

The class gave a great cheer and Jeremy gratefully acknowledging the accolades from his class mates became known as Jeremy the Magnificent from that day on.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

37 thoughts on “Mice-capades

  1. Thank goodness, some kind of justice prevailed. I’m sure some boys jumped on desktops, too (and some girls chased the mice). And did the mice get away to train other mice? Then there could be mice circuses, much better than the kind with fleas.

    This story, Len, is funny in a likable way. And for something that’s supposed to be brief, you include the right kind of detail for easy imagining of the persons (and the mice) and the actions.

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    1. Thanks, Christopher. I find the hardest part of writing these micro-stories is not to cheat, with inserting commas instead of periods, to prolong the stories. It’s definitely a learning curve.


      1. It’s funny, when I began writing with my group four or five years ago I swore I hated poetry and wasn’t doing any. What we resist is what’s for us I guess. I loved short stories at the time and was always hammering them out. Small worlds that completes themselves neatly within 2-3000 words. Now I don’t seem to be able to write anything but poetry – expanding on my thoughts and turning them into a novel was so hard: I love the simplicity of poetry.

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    1. Thank you, Mimi. While you are here. I have been trying to follow your blog, but cannot locate a follow button. Is it because you are not on WordPress. I am not technically gifted. Please, if you can advise me.


      1. I don’t think Bedelia likes mice or men (or women) much, haha–or anything creepy-crawly, scampery that invades her protected territory. 🙂 She doesn’t have a pet–just her houseplants! 🙂 But maybe if things go well with “Finn”…she might get a bird…

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  2. Jeremy is clumsy no matter how you look at it, but teaching those mice to teeter totter and ride a skateboard definitely elevates him to magnificent!

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    1. Thanks, Reena. We have a number of elephants in our house. My daughter-in-law was born in Gujarat. Her parents emigrated to Canada when she was two. She converted my wife into becoming an elephant collector.

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  3. would that children of that age (and older, far older than they should) be so mature… its surely no accident that Golding populated his island with preadolescents…and, having said that, our Jeremy appears to be well-focused on the value of hyperbole

    thoughtful Six, yo

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    1. Ha, ha, it’s not quite as passionate or deadly as “Lord of the Flies”, and I definitely would not want Jeremy to end up like Piggy…..and yes, Jeremy is mature for his age. Thanks for your usual fun assessment, Clark.


    1. Thanks, Jane. That was the hardest part. I had written a lot more than six sentences and spent a great deal of time trying to combine them without “cheating” in linking the sentences i.e. substituting commas for periods. Not too sure if the grammar stands up to an expert. Sorry for calling you Kate, mistakenly on your blog. I had just spent the whole afternoon catching up on blogs and I was at Kate’s thousandbitsofpaper blog just before reading your blog.


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