Responding to Reena’s prompt #142 “The genie is not getting back in the bottle“.

I told Jonah to pack some clothes in a bag as I would be taking care of him now , at least till he was grown enough to stand on his own two feet. While he packed I washed his ma, found her prettiest dress and combed her tattered locks, ensuring she looked presentable for the undertakers, I stroked her hair and sighed, mourning the waste of a good soul. I grabbed the bag of clothes and marched Jonah down the dusty path to my shack at the edge of the woods.

I showed him where he would be sleeping, told him to drop the bag on his bed and steered him towards the kitchen chair.

Searching for the scissors, I exclaimed ” We have to do something about that hair, it’s much too long, I don’t know what your ma was thinking”.

Jonah started bubbling up ” I miss my ma, grandma, is she in heaven”.

” She sure is child. She’s in a far better place then here, you can count on that” I replied.

” I wish she can fly down from Heaven and visit me Grandma, will God allow that” pleaded Jonah.

” Theirs no amount of wishing that’s going to bring your ma back to earth” I said ” now stop fidgeting and let me get on with the hair cutting”.

I snipped away with the scissors reminiscing on the afternoon his ma had come home from school, crying, disheveled with her face competing between hurt and ashamed. It took me a while to drag the story out of her, how that no good sonofabitch Billy Murphy has raped her behind Jed’s liquor store. I grabbed my shot gun and headed for the store and there he was calm as day leaning against the porch dragging on a cigarette. His body jerked when he saw me raising my shotgun marching steadily towards him.

“I’m gonna shoot you in the belly and watch you die slow” I angrily shouted.

He held his hands in front of him and started pleading ” Now don’t be too hasty Mrs.Higgins. Me and Molly were just having a bit of fun. No need to get all riled up”.

” You have one chance to get out of town and don’t come back ” I screamed ” the next time i see you I’ll shoot you dead”. With that final warming I turned away and hurried back to Molly.

“Grandma, your hurting my shoulder” Jonah cried.

I came to with a start, not realizing how tense I had become. ” Sorry, Jonah, I was thinking about your daddy” I said as I massaged his shoulder.

” Ma said my daddy’s dead, is he in heaven with ma” Jonah queried.

” I guess he is” I lied ” they’re both probably happy together. Everyone’s happy in heaven, it’s the place for forgiving and forgetting”.

There was no way I was gonna tell Jonah his daddy was alive. That genie is not getting back in the bottle.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

22 thoughts on “Conflicted-2

  1. I agree with Jonah’s grandmother.

    I remember telling a niece that a dead father was better than a drug-addict, schizophrenic father and it might be easier for her socially. It sounded harsh, but she appreciated it in the long run.


  2. Great story!! Gritty, real and raw — the story of real life. I think Jonah is going to do well with grandma on his side. Grandma has his back! I made my blog private — please send a request to join if you’d still like to comment and reflect on the posts. LIke all bloggers, I thrive on the interactions and conversations. I haven’t forgotten your request for a post on the Messiah in Judaism. Working on it! 🙏


      1. WP allows to set your entire blog to “private.” Once you do that, viewers will get this notice: “This site is marked private by its owner. If you would like to view it, you’ll need permission from the site owner. Request an invite and we’ll send your username to the site owner for their approval.” You can also invite people to join your private blog.

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  3. Justice with the threat of the shotgun, not in a way we’d like to have it perhaps (justice, that is–I don’t know about shotguns) but in a way we can feel in favor of, given the context. Len, I’m glad you continued with the narrative and the characters. You are making a world in which sad and remarkable things can and may happen.


    1. Thanks, Christopher. I guess there are shotgun wedding events and shotgun get out of town events. Sad and remarkable events do go hand in hand. Appreciate your insights, Christopher.


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