Messrs. Good and Evil

Responding to Denise’s prompt using the word ” Therapy” and Eugenia’s prompt using the word “Underdog:.

“Good afternoon, Mr.Good, what a beautiful Spring day, the sky is blue, the grass is green. the flowers are blooming,the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, you must be feeling pretty content on such a fine day”.

“Alas, Mr. Evil, I am feeling rather unhappy these days, there is so much discontent and hatred going on in the world, I’m afraid I have developed a gigantic headache”.

“Why, Mr.Good, I do believe that you have been missing your daily therapy sessions with God, I suggest that you make an appointment as soon as possible.”

“That’s the problem, Mr. Evil, at our last session God suggested I had developed an underdog mentality and needed to snap out of it to have any hope of progress.”

“Well, Mr. Good, take my advice and retain your underdog status, the power to do good is a very trying proposition, people much prefer the easier route of following their base instincts”.

” That may be so, Mr.Evil, but we are equal partners in this enterprise and I intend to hold up my end of the bargain,” and so Messrs. Good and Evil strode off, arm in arm, chatting merrily away.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

33 thoughts on “Messrs. Good and Evil

  1. Great quotation to go along with your SSS. An interesting conversation between Mr. Evil and Mr. Good. Hopefully Mr. Good will snap out of it.


  2. This is great, Len–though I’m glad God isn’t really as you portray Him (comically)…He would never tell me to “snap out of it!” Too risky–I might jump off a cliff and then He’d have to interrupt the angels from their lunch break to go fetch me 🙂


  3. the quote pulls it all together. Great job. There really is a great battle between good and evil. We are seeing it play out today. I like your approach.


  4. I love the banter between good and evil and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Your quote selection is a perfect complement to your well-written piece. Thank you so much for joining in.

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    1. Thanks, Eugenia, you and Denise must have been on some kind of mind-meld this week as your prompts complemented each other so perfectly. I have read the Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn and it’s quite the mind opener to human behaviour.


  5. Ultimately, imo, the insistence on reality being fundamentally a binary relationship may be good for keeping people focused on choices that will support the (current) good of society, at the price of the development of the individual.

    …enjoy your Sixes… good to have ideas to get all Silly Putty on, ya know?


    1. Interesting point on binary relationships, Clark. Messrs. Good and Evil were chairmen of their respective institutions. Beneath them was a complex hierarchical structure that catered to the different product lines of the organization.


  6. Excellent allegory, Len. I really enjoyed the “conversation”. The struggle between the 2 seems perpetual. A most wonderful concluding sentence. May be the week’s exhaustion catching up but for some reason, at the end, I was picturing the final scene from Casablanca between Rick and Louis 😀

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    1. Thanks, Denise. Yes, the struggle between good and evil and the nature of the actions attributed to both will go on till the end of time. I haven’t viewed Casablanca for ages, but I get the visualization.


  7. I enjoy the chummy arm-in-arm depiction of the Misters Good and Evil. Sorry for Good’s headache, but it is a trying time. A creative and engaging story, Len. This would make a really fine entry in an anthology, print or video.


    1. The chummy arm-in-arm depiction of good and evil was my way of saying we should never beat ourselves up if we fall down in our struggles but treat ourselves gently in trying to rise. I never agreed with some monastic traditions of abusing the flesh to tame it as if it somehow enhanced spirituality. Thanks for commenting, Christopher.


  8. Ah… Nicely done! Sounds like an inner dialogue between the “yetzer hara” (the evil inclination) and the “yetzer hatov” (the good inclination). In Jewish thought, they both reside within us all and yet it’s not that cut and dry. Sometimes they overlap and the “yetzer hara” has a beneficial outcome. I believe you may have inspired a post! I really enjoy your writing and your wit.


    1. Hatove and hara, good and evil. I think you have just added to my knowledge base. So evil can have a beneficial outcome. That’s an interesting proposition. Is this like a hierarchy of evil? Or the lesser of two evils? Don’t answer, I’ll wait for your inspired post.

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