Perception of Colour

Responding to Denise’s Six Sentence Story with the prompt word Passion, and Eugenia’s word prompt Gratitude.

I despaired over the prejudices of the human species reacting to various skin tones, when skin tones are just a biological fact of skin pigmentation evolving to regulate the amount of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin

I made eliminating skin tones my passion and started to experiment with manipulating the gene that determined skin colour and studied melanin, the main determinant of skin colour, but realization soon dawned I was taking the wrong approach.

The body colour we see is determined by the wave length of reflected light, as millions of tiny cone cells in the retina respond to light, and so I experimented in ways to manipulate the wavelength of reflected light to deceive the retina into interpreting this information in a specific way to fool the cortex into returning specific colours.

I prayed in gratitude to the God of science when I perfected a retina deceiving nanobot hidden inside a coloured pill, that when swallowed would change the onlookers perception to the specific colour of the pill an individual swallowed.

What I failed to predict was that a whole new colour identity social structure emerged, as individual choice in colour gave way to group identity choice.

The first adherents of this new technology were the LGBT community who adopted violet as their colour of choice, environmentalists chose green, political parties soon jumped on board with conservatives adopting blue and liberals/socialists/progressives adopting red, religious leaders frowned on this new technology and forbade their followers to take part; except for Buddhists who swallowed a yellow pill.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

36 thoughts on “Perception of Colour

  1. An interesting approach using the cue for our SSS this week. A little bit of science fiction here, I think.


    1. Thanks, Pat. I’m tired of the news lately, as disparate groups push their separate agendas, over the hateful killing of a fellow human, by an individual using his position of power for his own agenda.


  2. “…and the ones mother gives you, don’t do anything at all.”*

    Nicely engaging Six, thoughtfully constructed thought experiment.
    Thought-provoking Six, yo

    * lol couldn’t resist the call of youth


  3. Excellent and thought-provoking piece, Len. If only the taking of a pill would be the resolve. But then, mankind would find another reason to be judgmental. Thank you for participating.


  4. Hmm, I’m thinking maybe half of the religious people wanted all the colors so they could be liturgically correct. And the other half would want something aloof and clear, thank you very much.

    A thoughtful and enjoyable story, Len! I mostly appreciate its parable aspect, but I’m glad for the science part of the science-fiction as well.


    1. Thank you, Christopher. In regards to religions, Catholics would commandeer most of the colours.
      Green: The colour of vestments used during ordinary time.
      Purple or violet: Used during Advent and Lent
      White and gold: Most appropriate for Christmas and Easter.
      Red: For feasts of the Passion of Jesus and for the Holy Spirit, representing red tongues of fire, in addition to being worn for the feasts of martyred saints, who shed their red blood for Christ.
      Rose: On the Third Sunday of Advent and the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

      I chose yellow for Buddhists for sunshine.


  5. What a refreshing take. Funnily serious, if not seriously funny.
    Is it human nature to see differences as much as we seek connections, a seeming contradiction?
    Somehow reminded of Dr. Seuss’ Sneetches.


      1. Thank you Len for reading my posts and for your lovely comment here. I’m looking forward to your next post already! I’m very grateful to know you find my words inspire you!


  6. Standing and applauding Len – this was so skilfully done, You said it all.
    I am so enjoying Jordan Peterson’s Utube videos at the moment, thank-you for putting me on to him. The guy makes so much sense.


    1. Thanks, Kate. I am a big fan of Jordan Peterson. I most admire him for fighting through his life long battle with extreme depression. It runs in his family. He is out of the limelight at the moment, recovering from a dependency on depression medication and I presume writing his next book. I particularly liked his bible series. Can’t wait for him to return.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t know he suffered from depression, that makes his passionate arguments for truth speaking and support of self even more understandable. He makes so much sense. Have still only watched a couple of videos, will try the bible series as well. I have his book too, will read it. Compelling man.


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