My Writing Journey

Responding to Reena;s prompt #137 – Writers platform, writers cave, writers reality

My writing journey began March 1,2018 when I joined the WordPress family. I had turned 70 and was reading an online article by Professor Jordan Peterson when I glanced at a WordPress icon at the bottom of the page. Being curious I clicked the icon and ended up following the instructions on becoming a member, it took all of 30 seconds. My biggest decision was the naming of the site and as I used to keep a diary from time to time, I decided on an online diary. So I named my site lensdiary. This process took me all of 30 seconds. My first blog introducing myself included the following:

My name is Len

Three score and ten

The biblical age

For leaving life’s stage

But I’m not done yet

My initial attempts at blogging were mainly autobiographical in nature, with a few daily musings thrown in. I then attempted a few WordPress prompts and found it stretched my imagination a little more. So I diversified to short fiction pieces in following the prompts. So two years later my site is a combination of some aspects of my life story, short fiction pieces, some social commentary and when I have had too much alcohol I attempt poetry. Poetry is not my calling.

The biggest bonus for me in joining WordPress is not the writing , but following other bloggers. It is a user friendly social media platform, and I have encountered only encouragement and friendly, non personal advice from other bloggers. It is a true family.

We are a writing family very diversified in our opinions and writing styles, so there is a wealth of opportunity to grow in the writing process by choosing to follow the many talented individuals here on WordPress. I have learned a lot from other writers on this platform, and am truly grateful to them for sharing their talents.

When I first started it was very easy to keep up with my very few followers. I always left a comment on their site after every blog. But as the number of followers increased I found it exceedingly difficult to comment as I was spending all my time following instead of writing. I still like interacting with other bloggers and when I come across a blogger that speaks to me through their writing it is one of my greatest joys on this site.

There are a number of blogging platforms to follow on WordPress whether your interest is poetry, cooking, politics, biographical, inspirational or religious, though the majority of blogs seem to be poetry inspired. My particular interest is short story writing, stories that are complete with a beginning, a middle and an end. I haven’t found many blog sites that cater exclusively to short stories and one particular short story blogger I enjoyed reading,’ Through Violets Lentz ‘ has been off WordPress for a few months. I miss you Violet, please come back soon.

This has just been a little rambling update on my blog and its purpose. I am not looking to be a professional writer or have millions of adoring followers. Just a tiny place where I can express myself in writing and communicate with other wonderful bloggers all over the world. For WordPress is truly an international forum of amazing people.

Published by lensdailydiary

Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

45 thoughts on “My Writing Journey

  1. I really enjoyed this. It came at a good time, just to sort of feel (pretend) I was at a dinner party meeting you in person for the first time and listening to you “tell me a little bit about yourself”. It was calming and interesting as a good conversationalist like yourself can be. And BTW –You can tell you are no longer a Brit but a Canadian — you call it SOCCER!!!!! like we do down here — in where I hail from, which is without a doubt, currently in the lead for the worst of the of the Imperial Empire’s rebel bastards. 🙂 LOL! ~~Cheers! Jane


    1. Thank you, Jane. We have had a few conversations over the last two months and I always respect your passionate beliefs. Though I do understand we are 95% in tune with our belief structure we do have different views and approaches on certain subjects……..but that’s what makes the world go around.


  2. It’s so good to know more about you Len. I love reading your stories you have a gift for the open and closed nature of short style writing. I enjoy WordPress for the fact that we are able to enjoy different ages, different ethnicities and cultures and countries and genders all communicating with one another. And in this mass diversity still it comes down to just souls having a chat – we don’t know that much history really about others – just chatting back and forth about common interests and there are so many. I think WP is one of the most genuine social media arenas if not the only one. I love it. Like you I don’t get to talking to everyone everyday because there are too many but I try and catch up when I can. Also – that line “when I have too much alcohol I write poetry – I’m not a poet” cracked me up 😂

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  3. Thank you Len. I appreciate you and share in being unable to keep up with all my followers. I’m grateful for our community, the love and support, and being exposed to many different people, ideas, and writing.


  4. This is so lovely, it’s wonderful to have you as part of the WP family, Len. I appreciate what you said about how it’s increasingly difficult to read and comment on every blog you elect to Follow. We all have limited time and energy. And I really like your included 5-line poem!! Blessings to you 🙂


    1. Thanks, Rhen. It is difficult to follow everyone, all the time, especially in Summer. I’m limiting myself to 2-3 hours a day because I don’t want to miss the sunshine. Summer is too short in Canada.


  5. A candid account of the WordPress journey – finding the right slot, lack of time to read everything that one would love to. Yet, IMO, it is an outlet for creative expression like no other.The interactions are valuable, and the ‘family’ as you choose to call it, is tremendous support when one finds down and out.

    One needs to be in the writing profession full time to derive commercial or financial benefit out of it. But this space is needed for one ‘self”.

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    1. Exactly right, Reena. How many bloggers on WordPress, around 30 million, and we all carve out our tiny space, for ourself and self-expression. Thank you for your inspiring prompts and encouragement which have helped to further my writing skills for the past year or so.

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  6. What you say about the WP family, truly resonated. It does become difficult to comment, with reading blogs taking up so much of time!
    I look forward to reading more of your stories.


  7. Len, hi,

    I found this post via Reena’s blog. I enjoy reading your story about starting with a blog. Clearly, other folk relate; and so do I. I’m happy you’re having a good experience with other bloggers. Me, too. You’re right, of course, that as the number of blogs we read increases, we deal with increased pressure to respond. At least it’s a problem of sufficiency. I find your writing voice clear and authentic, if you don’t mind my saying. I wish you continued, favorable writing, posting, reading, and responding.–Christopher

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  8. Very well said about WP being a family. I’m a reader as much as a poster, and happily find time to follow a good deal of blogs – some of which I’ve been mates with since I started out here almost ten years back. Never short of inspiration, fun, laughs, encouragement, advice, wisdom, cool photographs and art, music and articles – it’s a pleasure and delight to be part of such a worldwide family!


  9. Love this. I’ve been blogging for many years on various topics and various blogs. The WP community is a wonderful thing — we find each other, we support each other and we learn from each other. It’s very rewarding — heartwarming I would say. I enjoy your voice.


  10. Hi Len –Yes, this WordPress family is a breath of fresh air after the Facebook fiasco. Truly toxic place, that. Even when folks disagree here, it is thoughtful and respectful, if occasionally passionate. It’s also really fabulous to form a group of writers on here that you follow and follow you. It is inspiring, but its more than that. You get to know them better in many ways than people you interact with every day. And that’s amazing. The same thing happened in my writing group years ago in Ann Arbor, but without the generosity of spirit sometimes. Some of them wanted to attack people. On here, if someone follows you, it’s because you have something in common already. I write about diet, cooking, politics occasionally (more occasionally these days than I want to), dreams as I’m writing a fantasy novel about Time and Dreams and Physics and things. A departure from my literary work sort of — it’s still a bit literary in style. And I write about gardening. I also can follow people in various arts and pursue different interests I have. It’s a place to let people know about things one has published. And that’s all cool. BUT the support I’ve received in this venue has been truly life saving in what has been a very trying couple of years for me. So you are right about this endeavor and this space. And I know I’ll enjoy reading more of your writing! (I think they get a lot more followers on YouTube or when they do Podcasts, but as a writer, I think I should WRITE unless I’m reading something I’ve written.) And I am still partial to the written word. Nice that you came across me on Kate’s blog. A fabulous place to hook up. She’s amazing!


  11. Thanks for your insights, Lynn, and sharing your thoughts on writing. I agree that WordPress is a very welcoming site to be on and I have had nothing but encouragement here. Good luck with your writing and publishing.


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