In response to Denis’e six sentence story using the word Eternal

In the year of the forgotten one 3175, Herod the Hasty ascended to the seat of Eternal Guardian, relishing his role in guiding the world council to its further domination of the people of planet earth.

At the time of birth, all people on planet Earth were implanted with a microchip to ensure a strict Pavlovian response to the councils bidding, resistance being met with a painful reminder to the nervous system.

It came to pass in those days that God was not happy with the way his people were treated and so the ambassador Gabriel was sent to reason with Herod, to release God’s people from their bondage, but Herod refused to listen.

God then sent his warrior Michael to threaten Herod with dire consequences if he did not let his people go, and yet again Herod refused to listen.

So God blew a gentle breath upon the planet Earth causing it to widen its orbit around the sun and the Earth was plunged into icy shadow.

Four thousand years later God relented and blew upon the planet once more and the earth returned to its historical orbit around the sun, the ice melted and the earth was made anew.

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18 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. (With all due respect*), with deities like that, who needs a devil? Four thousand year Ice Age… couldn’t he have, like, just smote Herod and his bros and be done with it?

    I do agree with Paul, excellent hybrid story-telling.

    (And since, for god knows what I reason, I almost always go looking for a literary reference when visiting these here parts, in the blogosphere, permit me to indulge in the line that popped into my head, on the second read: (From King Lear) “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport.

    *already established, I trust


    1. Thanks, Denise. There was a difference between Herod and God’s actions. Herod wanted to control and dominate, God was looking for a sign that the human species as a whole could learn to live together. After viewing their actions for about 8,000 years God decided it would be better to start over.


  2. Great blending of genres. The microchipping of people is chilling, and I imagine not far from the minds and dreams of some power-hungry folk today. To a small degree we kind of voluntarily microchip ourselves by interacting with the web, cameras, apps, location maps and such. But at least we can switch off or opt out when we want to. Brilliant six, bravo!


    1. Yes, surveillance is certainly prevalent worldwide, especially with the advent of satellites and drones. I was watching a program on YouTube detailing the number of young people opting for implants as a fashion statement. One example was a student having magnets inserted into her fingers to attract metal objects. When she was asked what use she would make of that, she responded it was just a novelty to entertain her friends, and herself, with her new power.

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