Knight’s Quest

Responding to Denise’s six sentence story using the word ‘bridge’

Sir Philip de Rochefort, knight of the realm, rode purposely across the bridge, shield and reins grasped firmly in his left hand, lance pointed purposefully at the trolls blocking the far end of the bridge.

The three trolls, seven feet high, three feet broad, stepped forward with scowling faces and growled at the knight to cease and desist in his efforts to cross the bridge.

“Out of my way you craven beasts” yelled the knight” I am here to fetch my sister and bring her home”.

One of the trolls gestured ” Magog go and fetch his sister, so the knight may hear what she has to say”.

Magog returned with the knight’s sister who entertained her brother with tales of how she had succeeded in converting 70% of the trolls to vegans with her ‘Beyond Human’ recipes and would stay to convert the remaining hold outs.

Sir Philip de Rochefort, knight of the realm and sister to a fanatical vegan rode back across the bridge to his castle to further contemplate his changing world.

Published by lensdailydiary

Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

21 thoughts on “Knight’s Quest

  1. That’s funny, my first thought was to go with a troll under a bridge, but I couldn’t make it work. You did! I’m glad for you and a tad jealous.

    Good six. Glad you’re here with us.


  2. Trolls!!

    Aiyyee is there any more pernicious childhood terror than the concept of trolls. Delivered to children in their child-abuse-disguised-as-fairy-tales dressings, trolls are way bad.

    And…and! you went and made them linebackers-sized! Thanks dude… at least when they were three-by-three in dimension, we could imagine out-running them.

    Thank goodness the noble knight was not daunted and was able to return to his home.*

    * and, oddly enough, found renown later in life with his delicious salad dressings**

    ** Full Disclosure: I wrote the footnote first, so determined was I to have my little malapropistic joke see the light of Commentville


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful and witty response clark. Every knight needs a challenge equal to his bravery, and he was a very brave knight, hence the extra-large trolls. I like the original fairy tales with all their horror and drama rather than later watered-down versions. The sister was the ideologue but the brother had the business sense.


    1. So true. Nothing like GB for its castles. Especially Ireland where its a castle lovers dream. Though I’ve heard Eastern Europe is a sight to behold for its historic architecture.


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