Responding to Reena’s challenge #113 on the above image.

Seven is my number of power. I’m not sure why. Some mystical significance in an ancient spell long forgotten. Some random number chosen by my mentor, long since departed this earthly plane. Who knows why we adopt certain attributes and habits. But butterflies, I have no trouble understanding their significance and power….and I now have seven butterflies fluttering in a cage. Where is that spell book.

  • two tablespoons of honey
  • one tablespoon of brown sugar
  • 7 oz. of brandy
  • seven large lettuce leafs cut into bite size pieces
  • mix ingredients thoroughly
  • seven butterflies

I opened the cage carefully and reached inside waiting patiently for a butterfly to flutter to my finger. My patience rewarded I quickly withdrew my finger towards the cage door and swallowed that delicate creature. I felt a slight tickle as the butterfly eased down my throat. Reaching for the spell mixture I poured the required one seventh into a glass and savored the sweet taste embalming the butterfly. Waiting for a reaction and feeling none I continued this process six more times. Now for the words. Not written down but ingrained in my memory for all time.

adesdum praestrigiae

No sooner were these words spoken when silken thread began spiraling from my body wrapping it in a tight embrace. The cocooning process had begun. From a dream like haze I was aware of my body dissolving as enzymes were released and new cells started reproducing. I blacked out somewhere in this process and came to some time later bounding with energy. The metamorphosis was complete. Running to the mirror I stared back at the young vibrant figure and extended my arms to the heavens in triumph. It had worked beautifully once again. Nine hundred years of regeneration on such a simple formula. I thanked the seven butterflies for their sacrifice and took a shower to erase the sticky reminders of immortality. A new adventure starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to get started.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

44 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. I thought you were going to feed the butterflies—what a surprise to find they fed you!

    You’re right—it would not be good to have a world without butterflies. Do you know they can be trained? One of my most popular posts was “How Do You Train a Butterfly? The same way you train an Orthopedic Surgeon!”

    And coincidentally, I used the image you have below.

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  2. Boy, your writing NEVER gets tiring to read! Great story line and it really illustrates the power of writing regularly. Are some of your children also writers or grandchildren or your wife? I bet you can tell those children and grandchildren some great stories!!! Thank you kindly.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments Anne. I am the only family member attempting to write. My daughter is a teacher and my son is a construction worker. My wife worked as a secretary in an office. I have six grandchildren who are extremely talented in various ways but have no inclination to write. preferring Instagram.


      1. That seems to be the trend today. I worked with special needs children and young people for many years, started and ran a nonprofit with no money when I was unemployed and bored to help physically challenged artists, and then I had a bunch of techy jobs and my own businesses over the very many years. Now that I have time to write, I am not always feeling so well and I have to be a caregiver on one level for my dear Richard. My daughter is quite a writer, but my husband isn’t, and now that I am retired and would have some time to do it, I do well to do my blog when I feel better. I know I will enjoy yours though. I am so behind on reading. Avoid becoming old if you can!!! (chuckles!)

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