Responding to Diana’s prompt ‘ Write from the point of view of a creature that doesn’t exist in the “real” world. ‘
With a shout out to Dwight of Rothpoetry. I got hooked on his line “the intersection of infinity’
his poem on this can be seen here

Once upon a time, at the intersection of infinity, I chanced upon a tiny planet circling a tiny star. I was surprised to discover strange forms of elemental creatures had evolved on this planet. These elemental forms scrambled around the planet devouring each other in an effort to sustain its existence. I marveled at the myriad of design of the various forms and how they adapted to land, air and water. I had no idea that the creation of space, time and matter outside of the spiritual realm would produce such anomalies.

I observed these strange shapes for a time. I concentrated on the bipedal creatures which seemed to have more cunning than the other varieties. I wondered….what if….and extracting dark energy from the universe I breathed it into the two legged creatures. The creatures paused mid stride in their hunting and I sensed a new awareness fill their being. They looked up at the sun with a puzzled frown and then at each other and their mouths opened trying to articulate speech patterns. I allowed myself a self satisfied smirk as I retreated back to the spiritual plane.

Lost in contemplation with the creator it was a while before I again entered the material universe and observed the tiny planet. I saw large collections of the bipedal creatures living side by side in shelters, protecting themselves from the elements. They were able to communicate with each other and seemed to be thriving in numbers. I wondered if they could evolve from their carbon, oxygen based elements to pure spirit and considered a way to accomplish this. I inscribed some suggestions on two tablets of stone and placed them where they could be found by a man ascending a mountain’s path. Satisfied with this little sleight of hand I once again found the spiritual plane.

Returning to the Earth a third time I observed terrible wars, anger and hostility. These creatures seemed intent on destroying themselves. They had learned nothing from my writing on the stone tablets. It was then I decided to take human form and express a way forward to change base material desires into spirit. I managed to recruit a few followers, teach them some basics, but jealousy and injustice won out, my human form was extinguished and I was back in the spiritual plane.

I’m now spending my time communing with the creator for next steps in the evolution of this unique species. They weren’t part of the creators plan. With so much darkness the creator was experimenting in trying to brighten things up and humans became an unexpected by-product. The creator is willing to accept responsibility for his design and has tasked me with trying to sort out this mess. I’m working on it.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

47 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. Wouldn’t it be good if the gods got us out of this mess. I think we have to do for ourselves though. After all we made it. Sttill I sometimes feel the gods are close by and support us when we try to help ourselves.

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  2. Excellent story, Len. I hope there’s a future for the bi-peds before they wipe themselves out and have to start all over. I used to think that (flood) was so mean of the creator/destroyer, but now pretty much get it. I’m looking forward to sharing your story! Thanks for taking up the prompt. Well done!

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    1. I remember way back when I was taking a course on the Bhagavad Gita and having that discussion. A fellow student was adamant that civilization had been destroyed and reborn a number of times in the earth’s history. I have never followed up on this but I aim to see what the internet has on the subject.

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      1. My current WIP is a take on that thought, Len. (Humans at the end of one of many rounds of civilization). I have no first hand experience, of course (lol) but it seems completely plausible to me that the cycle of growth, corruption, and near extinction has happened before. A grim thought, but we’ve seen it on a less cataclysmic scale many times. Gives me the shivers!

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  3. OO Len! That was a dastardly take for sure! Loved it! And the photo you chose was one Helene used as a What do you see prompt once if I am not mistaken. Where ever our dear Helene is today, I hope she is adding your amazing composition to her round up.


  4. I never followed Helene but we must have had something in common if we liked the same image. She’s probably blogging her advice in the spiritual realm trying to advise on how to clean up our worldly mess.


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