Reena’s prompt challenge #111 regarding brainwaves. With credit to Aeon Magazine and the album Chapel by Grace Leslie. For full prompt go to :

Veronica was the love of my life. We married within two months of our first date. A week later she was dead.

I sat in the hospital chair holding her lifeless hand. The doctor, his comforting hand on my shoulder, offering words of consolation.

” Such a tragedy for one so young. All the scans indicate that she was in perfect heath except for those few seconds when her body denied oxygen to the brain. A very unusual case of cerebral hypoxia”

I was wrapped in a nightmare. This can’t be happening, my vibrant, beautiful sweet Veronica replaced by a lifeless corpse. I was sure that any moment now she would rise from the bed with bubbling laughter and say “fooled ya”. Staring at her lifeless form I realized I couldn’t let go. I needed her too much. I queried the doctor.

” Do you know of any cryogenics institutions that can advise me on the best method of preserving my wife’s body.”

The doctor answered ” Most of them have gone bankrupt, but there are still a few around. As a matter of fact I have just received some literature from a startup lab that professes to not only help with cryopreservation but to revive the loved one when a cure is found. I believe they are dabbling in electromagnetic shocks to the brain.”

I was intrigued. I asked the doctor if my wife could stay at the hospital till I had visited the cryopreservation lab and discussed next steps with them. He agreed.

The lab was very welcoming and empathetic to my plight. They suggested that I have Veronica moved immediately and they would offer a diagnosis and a cost estimate. I agreed.

Veronica was subjected to a number of tests which concluded that her body was in perfect condition. If I signed the waiver form they could start the process of trying to revive her immediately. It was emphasized that the technology was experimental and she would be the first human subject to the electromagnetic shocks at this particular frequency. Their scientists had experimented successfully on mice but at different brain frequencies.

Eight hours later a beaming Doctor Lazarus escorted Veronica to the waiting room where she rushed into my arms, we clung to each other as if life itself depended upon it. While settling the bill the doctor gave me his personal cell number in the event of any unforeseen relapses by Veronica. So home we went.

That night as Veronica and I were enjoying a cup of hot cocoa she suddenly collapsed. I rushed to her side searching in vain for a pulse. I pushed the cell no. for Dr. Lazarus and he answered immediately. He suggested I drive her to the lab where he would meet me and give a diagnosis. After three hours at the lab I was informed that the electromagnetic shocks activated the brain waves for only 16 hours a day and then the brain shut off unless reactivated. The good news however is that they had a portable version of the electromagnetic machine which I could rent by the month.

“It will be just like having a good nights sleep” explained Dr. Lazarus ” We also sell cryopreservation chambers that will preserve Veronica’s body from deterioration while her brain is inactive. Just add some propylene glycol to her food to prevent ice formation on her body. I would suggest a routine of arising at 7:00 a.m. and cryogenic chamber at 11:00 p.m. “

The cryogenic chamber accompanied us in a delivery van as we drove home and was set up in a corner of the bedroom. I placed Veronica lovingly in the chamber and collapsed on to the bed. I awoke at 6:00 a.m. the next morning and transferred Veronica from the cryo chamber to the bed. I inserted the electrodes and sent the electromagnetic current to stimulate her brain wave to the required frequency. She woke with a yawn and said “hello darling you’re up early.”

So this was now our life. I was amazed at how readily Veronica adapted to this experience. For me it was the perfect scenario. Anytime Veronica was mad at me I just let her cool off in the cryo chamber for a couple of days.

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      1. I was intrigued by the personal dynamics in the couple’s relationship — the degree of control Veronica’s husband has over her, specifically. That’s the thing about technology — there’s how it’s intended to work and then how humans use it.

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