Taking up Reena’s Exploration Challenge #82
by Reena Saxena. The challenge is to write based on above image of a black hole. This is my fictional contribution. Thanks for the mind prompt Reena.

The driver was completing his orbit, the length of the rotation diminishing with each circuit, soon he would be within the gravitational pull of the black hole. I had to do something. I flexed my hands and shoulders, relaxed my body and sat upright in the seat. Closing my eyes, I focused my mind, concentrating on the image of the driver. When I was sure I had a clear picture I opened a portal in my mind, and sent an energetically charged message through to him. Change course, change course, change course. I repeated this message for the next ten minutes, it did not seem to be getting through and my psychic powers were weakening. Frantically I recharged my energy and tried one last time. I knew I had failed when I heard the distant hum, my body slumped as the school bus pulled into the parking lot. Rebel Commander, over and out.

Looking out the window, I observed my fellow students swirling around, waiting to be sucked into the black hole of St. Patrick’s High School. I stepped from the bus and responded to the gravitational pull.

First class was science and Mr. Harris droned on in his usual monotone, time ceased to exist, his soothing voice lulling our minds and body into torpor. The topic we were studying was entropy “the degradation of matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity”. The Rebel Commander rests his case.

Drama class after recess and Miss Sullivan had some important news for us. ” Today we are going to plan a day of affirmative action to protest the increase in class sizes and the resultant cuts in teachers. We have to teach the Conservative government a lesson that they cannot arbitrarily dictate their regressive policies to the detriment of the education system”.

I raised my hand ” Does that mean no school “.

‘Certainly not” replied Miss Sullivan ” you will be expected to turn up and we will march together, to the square, to hold our protest rally. Now, we have to discuss the nature of the banners and who will speak on behalf of the students”.

I raised my hand ” Why do students have to take part in a political rally, surely it’s an issue for the teachers and their unions”.

“Don’t be silly Robert, we are all in this together. No one wants a reduction in the number of teachers like the Conservative government is proposing. We must stand in solidarity with each other. Now let’s start on the banners”

I held my opinions close. The teachers had all the answers, we were just automatons to be programmed into the system. Uniformity, that’s what the education system turns out, uniformity of ideas and uniformity of outlook. All the energy, dreams and aspirations of students squeezed into that black hole of uniformity. But not the Rebel Commander.

At last. Final bell and all that pent up energy exploded from the black hole and expanded into the universe.

Published by lensdailydiary

Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

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