Santa and Angels

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It was Christmas Eve and children all over the world were waiting for the most magical day of the year.

Serena looked up at the stars, “Can you see Santa”

“N0. But he’s up there somewhere. I can feel it ” replied Tarrin

Tarrin and Serena heard a whistling sound and an object dropped out of the sky and landed next to the cousins. Tarrin stooped to pick it up and gave a surprise shout,

“It’s a whistle, let’s go inside and show it to my mother “.

Tarrin ran into the house waving the whistle, with Serena close behind.

Devin snatched the whistle from Tarrin’s hand and held it out of her reach, as Tarrin and Serena both jumped frantically trying to retrieve the whistle.

Kayleigh shouted, ” Mom, Devin’s teasing Tarrin again, send him to his room, ” while Kieran wrestled the whistle from Devin. Brianna in turn snatching the whistle from Kieran noticed some words engraved on its surface.

Brianna read aloud, ” Whistle and I’ll come to you. What does that mean? “

Devin reclaimed the whistle and blew as loud as he could. There was no sound.

” That’s disgusting ” proclaimed Kayleigh ” You don’t know where that whistles been “.

Kieran facing the patio door to the back yard saw something falling from the sky and turned on the outside lights. Kieran, Brianna, Kayleigh, Devin, Tarrin and their cousin Serena stood gaping in shock and amazement as they saw Santa and his reindeer, large as life, standing in their backyard.

Brianna was the first to recover, ” What cute reindeer ” she said, and all the children tumbled out the door into the back yard.

 ” Who whistled for me, ” enquired Santa, ” and what’s the emergency “

“There’s no emergency, ” responded Kieran ” We found a whistle and Devin blew it”

” Ho! Ho! Ho! ” laughed Santa, ” I must have dropped my summoning whistle that the elves use”

Kayleigh asked in a pleading voice, ” Now that you’re here Santa, can you take us for a short ride around the roof tops “.

“Better than that “, said Santa ” How would you like to help me deliver the presents.”

All the children gave a great cheer and ran inside to retrieve their winter coats, gloves and hats. ” Shot gun, ” yelled Kieran as they ran outside to arrange themselves in the sled.

Soon they were flying over the roof tops and the houses became a tiny speck below.

Tarrin asked Santa where they were going to deliver the presents and Santa replied,

” Let’s try England”. 

Kieran thought for a minute and then turning to Santa enquired ” I went to England this year and it took me six hours by plane. How can we get there and back by morning as well as visit all the other countries”

Santa just smiled and said ” By using a little piece of Heaven”

Santa closed his eyes, the children felt a slight tingle and found themselves surrounded by a bright light and a feeling of peace and contentment. Angels were flying all around them singing praises to God 

” This is my little secret.” said Santa, ” I work with the Angels and the elves at Christmas. It’s team work, the only way we can get things done in time. I enter a little doorway to Heaven at Christmas and ask your Guardian Angels to help me deliver the presents. The Angels also let me use Heaven as a shortcut so that I can travel, in the blink of an eye, to any country I wish. “.

Sure enough, in the blink of an eye,  the children again felt a slight tingling and they were flying over England. They spent the next while having fun, helping Santa to deliver lots of presents to the children of  England. Quite soon the presents were all gone.

“Time to head back,” said Santa, “But we’ll make a little stop first”

They soon felt that tingling feeling as they entered Heaven again.  The next instant, they saw a bright star shining in front of them, and were followed out of Heaven by a legion of angels. The reindeer  flew down and landed by a stable.

The children looked on in wonder, as they recognized Mary and Joseph kneeling beside a crib that held the baby Jesus.

Joseph and Mary turned to Santa and the children and greeted them warmly ” Hello Nicholas, hello children, so glad you are here to celebrate the birth of our baby”.

Tarrin, without any hesitation, walked up to the baby Jesus and laid her teddy bear at the foot of the crib.

Serena followed her closely and set her PJ Mask doll by the teddy bear.

Kayleigh took her bracelet from her wrist and laid it beside the teddy bear and PJ Mask.

” Thank you ” said Mary,”  Three gifts, the perfect number “.

Santa and the children stood around the crib for a while and offered a silent prayer. After a while Santa gestured the children towards the sleigh and they said their goodbyes to Mary and Joseph and Jesus.

In another blink of an eye, they found themselves descending into their backyard, their adventures behind them.

” Our parents will be worried about us ” said Devin “We must have been gone most of the night”.

“Don’t worry” replied Santa ”  No time has passed at all, we have returned to the moment we first met in your backyard “.

Brianna quickly ran inside and grabbed some carrots for the reindeer and chocolate chip cookies for Santa. Santa thanked the children for the carrots and cookies and for being such great helpers and with a jolly cheer and a Merry Christmas he was again on his way. For he still had children to visit. 

And Kieran, Kayleigh, Brianna, Devin, Tarrin and Serena made some hot chocolate and settled down to wait for the most magical day of the year.

( This is a Christmas story for my six grandchildren Kieran, Brianna, Devin, Kayleigh, Tarrin and Serena).



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19 thoughts on “Santa and Angels

  1. That was great! Really enjoyed it! There is a cute movie on Netflix called “The Christmas Chronicles” that our family liked. It has Kurt Russel as Santa, which is funny and perfect for the movie. It was fun to watch. Merry Christmas to you all!


      1. Yes sir our city of Mumbai is lit! Lights and decorations all around. All of us having a good time. December always brings me different levels of Happiness & Excitement. I hope your having a Good time too😊


  2. wow Len this is magical writing, what a treasure for your grandies!

    Appreciate how you managed to slip Jesus in as he seems to have got lost from most people’s consumer Xmas …


  3. This was really sweet. It took me back to the magic of being a child. I’m not sure I ever believed in Santa Claus, but I still remember that feeling of anything being possible and adventure being just around the corner. I hope your grandchildren enjoy the story. Hope you had a great Christmas & New Year’s!


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