Such a Simple Idea

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“For some reason, the most vocal Christians among us never mention the Beatitudes (Matthew 5). I haven’t heard one of them demand that the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, be posted anywhere.

“Blessed are the merciful” in a courtroom? “Blessed are the peacemakers” in the Pentagon? Give me a break!”
― Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country




Jesus had such simple ideas.

Blessed are the merciful.

Blessed are the pure of heart.

Blessed are the peace makers.

Such simple ideas.

But we are complicated people.

I have a right to defend myself.

I have a right to bear arms.

I will serve my country in time of war

I will sue you for every imagined wrong.

I will protect the institution over the individual.

Jesus became a Christian symbol and his simple ideas have been mostly forgotten, replaced with institutions, hierarchies, rituals and dogmas.

Jesus had such simple ideas, but we are such complicated people.





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