Winter, Touching and George RR Martin


God pity all the homeless ones,
The beggars pacing to and fro.
God pity all the poor to-night
Who walk the lamp-lit streets of snow.

Sarah Teasdale

I snapped the photo above from my back door this morning. Seven centimetres of very wet snow overnight and thirty minutes of shovelling.  Though because it was wet snow, it stuck to the trees, and everything looks very beautiful. Still five weeks till Winter officially starts.

While I’m here a few random thoughts.

I drive my thirteen year old granddaughter, Brianna, to horse back riding lessons twice a week. She is one of my daughters thirteen year old triplets, she has a brother and sister the same age, she also has a fourteen year old brother and an eight year old sister. Brianna is very talkative and loves music. She switches my classical radio station off as soon as she gets in the car and listens to her iPod’s playlist, sans headphones.

I told her about the giant snowball battles we engaged in when her mother was young. Whole streets,  children and parents would engage, sometimes ten  a side. She told me that they were not allowed to have snowball fights in school. The principal had just made an announcement this week that any child caught throwing snow would be sent to the principals office and their parents would be notified of this breaking of the school rules.

We had a discussion on the games children play today and she mentioned tag. I told her that when I was young we played a form of tag where as soon as you tagged a person you joined hands and had to tag the next person while running together with hands joined. Every person you tagged had to join hands until this chain surrounded the last person. Brianna told me that they were not allowed to touch another person at school, it was against the rules. I cried a little and didn’t dare relate that in the school playground,when I was younger, in order to get people to join in a game, we would walk around with arms entwined over another students shoulder shouting ” who wants to play tag”. Any other student who wanted to play would join in and put their arm around a person in the group  and so it would continue till no one else wanted to join in. A little like a Russian Cossack dance.

Now for a pet peeve. George RR Martin is publishing a new book for release date November 20, 2018, ‘Fire and Blood (A Targaryen History) “. I consider this book promotional advertising for the new series being contemplated on HBO after the Game of Thrones ends. I have been reading his books of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) since they were first published in 2003. I eagerly awaited the release of each of the five books in the series. Then he became involved in the HBO series and hasn’t published another book of Fire and Ice since the series started. I was so sure that he would write and publish to finish the books series before the HBO series overtook the books narrative. However, it was not to be. So although I will still follow the series on HBO I will not buy any more of his books. His unfinished symphonies. He of course is free to do whatever he thinks best, but so am I.

Thanks for reading. Just letting off some steam after shovelling.

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Born Stepney, London, England. Emigrated to Canada. Married, two children, six grandchildren. Retired. Conservative and cultural catholic. LOVE soccer. Tottenham Hotspur. Read historical and fantasy fiction..

9 thoughts on “Winter, Touching and George RR Martin

    1. Thanks for visiting Christie. We back onto a woods with a creek running through it. It’s about a 100 yards deep before the next sub division but it does the trick……and it’s a quiet area which is even better. You can actually hear the birds sing.

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  1. That IS sad. To lighten your mood: I told my son about your version of Tag. He said, “Yes, that’s called Blob. We play a version where you can split into two, but not if you have three in a group. It makes it easier to catch and tag people.”


    1. It just seems from us old folks that children’s don’t play many games today. My daughters neighbourhood which is full of young families and children is very quiet. I guess every one playing their iPads. This gives me an idea to write about games we played when my children were young. Thanks for your comments Chelsea.

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      1. My children don’t get invited to others’ houses much but, yes, when they did they told me there was a lot of screen-watching and playing.

        I think good old-fashioned rolling in the dirt is so important to their childhood!

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