I’ve Been Red Pilled


“This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, The Matrix

‘Red pill’ has become a popular phrase among cyberculture and signifies a free-thinking attitude, and a waking up from a “normal” life of sloth and ignorance. Red pills prefer the truth, no matter how gritty and painful it may be.

I opened a Twitter account on March 1 ,2018 and follow about 28 people, mostly journalists. I follow people from all sides of the political spectrum trying to achieve a balanced viewpoint. Two of the people I follow:

  • Jordan Peterson a university of Toronto professor lecturing in psychology. Currently on a world tour with his best selling book ‘ 12 Rules for Life, an antidote to chaos’. He has also well documented his history with severe depression. His grandfather, father and daughter also suffer from severe depression.
  • Michael Cohen a columnist, broadcaster and author of 16 books. He is currently studying for his Masters of Divinity at Trinity College, University of Toronto.

My red pill moment came last night when I read Michael Coren’s Twitter on Jordan Peterson. He wrote ” My kids mock me because I cried in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. Fair enough I suppose but this is going too far”. Attached to this Twitter was a two minute YouTube video of Jordan Peterson crying before a computer screen trying to express how he felt about individual suffering. I found it a sly and hypocritical way of mocking Jordan Peterson in his moment of anguish. Michael Coren’s intent was to mock and denigrate Professor Peterson by ensuring the video was viewed by his followers.


This is some of the text that Jordan Peterson was crying over on the YouTube Video.

” In the 20th century there has been a loss of faith in the idea of the individual. It is only the individual that suffers, the group doesn’t suffer. Suffering is to be regarded seriously, without such regard there can be no motivation to reduce suffering”

The above are pretty simple and self evident words. But as in all things Jordan Peterson incorporates that belief into his speech and speaks with passion. He’s saying make up your own mind and don’t play identity politics. It’s you that will suffer not the group.

I Tweeted a reply ” So you mock someone who is crying over the suffering of individuals. Who has severe depression and understands suffering”.  I received no reply so noting that Michael Coren’s YouTube Tweet had received 12 likes I replied with a couple of tweets as follows:

  1. “This video has received 12 favorites. Am I missing something here. I wonder how many favored Tweets a crucifixion would get”.
  2. I then expanded on 1. by envisioning a scene at Calvary in the Twitter age and Tweeted as follows ” They’re putting him on the cross now. Look how he’s suffering.12 favorites.1 retweet. I do enjoy a good crucifixion.”
  3. I prepared a third Tweet to further expand this theme. ”  I’m at Gethsemane and there’s this guy here writhing in sadness and anguish crying over some cup taken from him. What a whiner”.  But I thought this might be over kill so I deleted it.

Now we come to my red pill moment. Michael Coren is a political and Christian commentator currently taking a Masters of Divinity at the University of Toronto. A few minutes later he Tweeted on Bishop Michael Curry’s speech on love at Harry and Meaghan’s wedding. ” Speaking truth to power. What wonderful stuff” Except he hadn’t really heard a word on the sermon of love. He hadn’t digested it and taken it into his soul. They were just words. If he had truly heard them he wouldn’t have sent a YouTube video mocking Professor Jordan Peterson speaking on the suffering of the individual. So I’ve freed myself from the hypocrisy of major religious faiths and political parties. I would rather listen to an agnostic/atheist such as Jordan Peterson than a supposedly Christian, man of God, like Michael Coren.





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