To Be Or Not To Be


On Thursday, May 10, 2018 I was watching a panel debate on CBC’s ‘ Power and Politics’ relating to the March for Life rally held that day on Parliament Hill, Ottawa. I noticed in the debate that CBC commentators always referred to the rally as anti choice rather than by its official Right to Life name. I also went on Twitter where, as expected, the Trolls were out in great numbers showering abuse and righteous indignation on the Right to Life marchers. Well, not only Trolls, but supposedly civilized commentators also used this news worthy event to denigrate pro lifers and to restate that a woman’s right to choose was the only option. There was a lot of name calling but no rational discussion on the anti abortion versus a woman’s right to choose issue. I’ve always had strong feelings on this issue and so ( gulp! ) here they are.


If I’m so quickly done for

What on earth was I begun for

It seems to me that the common sense way to eliminate abortions is for women to take more control of their bodies in regard to contraception. Speaking from a mans point of view, I have never really understood the term unplanned pregnancy. Surely it must be top of mind for a woman when having sex to be aware of the consequences of either party not using contraceptives. I put the onus on women because the whole pro choice argument is the women’s right to control her body. If that is the case then all efforts should be made by women to prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg. The fusion of the sperm and egg produces a new cell type, the zygote. Within 30 minutes the zygote changes its state to block other sperm from binding to the cell surface. The cells then continue to divide while they travel and attach themselves to the uterus. If all goes well than this new human life only needs food and a suitable environment to flourish. So the abortion issue comes in when women do not allow their bodies to be used to sustain this new life. Perhaps unborn babies need their #MeToo moment to remind the universe that they are also innocent victims. Abortion rates, in Canada,  from 2007-2015 averaged approximately 100,000 babies a year. With 95% being aborted in the first 12 weeks. The following is taken from an article that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen March 23,2012 talking about the feelings of a woman who had just experienced an abortion at a clinic:

Anna speaks about her consent to abortion in this way, “In that time of my pregnancy I had a lot of nausea and was on a real hormonal roller coaster. The difference between my decision process in my ‘normal’ state and that ‘state’ are two worlds. I think that when a woman is pregnant, from my experience, she is much more vulnerable, and thus can be ‘pushed around’ more easily. This should be taken into account when a clinic is looking to have consent from a pregnant woman.”


Abortion in Canada was decriminalized on January 28, 1988, following the trial of Dr. Henry Morgentaler, when the Supreme Court of Canada declared the old abortion section of the Criminal Code unconstitutional. The previous law held that an abortion was acceptable only when pregnancy endangered the woman’s life. Dr. Morgentaler’s challenge was that, under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the criminal code restricted a woman’s freedom. There is no federal abortion law in Canada, so it remains a right protected under the Charter, but is unregulated. Fewer than 20% of hospitals in Canada now perform abortions.  Now, most abortions are performed by for profit clinics.

Of course the main justification for abortions is that the foetus is not yet a baby and is just a bunch of undeveloped cells. That the foetus is unfeeling and so cannot experience the pain of being sucked from the mother’s womb. I think the science would prove that once the embryo implants itself to the womb than life starts to develop and thus begins. When actual personhood begins is argued between the detection of a fetal heartbeat or brain development. There are exceptions when women have the right to terminate i.e. when the mothers life is at risk, rape etc. but generally women should not have abortions because its convenient which I suspect is about 95% of the time. So now you have my views on this emotionally charged and contentious topic.

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