“It’s 2018 for Gods sake”

  This week I have listened to three different politician’s answer a question with, ” It’s 2018 for Gods sake”. What is so special about 2018?  Does this year have some significant meaning that I have missed?  Is the lion laying down with the lamb?  A nice metaphor but it’s been my experience that theContinue reading ““It’s 2018 for Gods sake””

Edna’s 70th, Saints,Rap and #Metoo Moments

I declare Edna White a saint. I do this without proper authority from God or the church, and with the realization that under the current laws of the church a person cannot officially be canonized a saint unless dead; in fear that they stumble into sin a second before they die.  But, Edna is veryContinue reading “Edna’s 70th, Saints,Rap and #Metoo Moments”

My Irish Heritage

Its St. Patrick’s Day and I’m listening to the refrains of “The Field of Athenry” sung by Frank Patterson. I always spare time for quiet celebration, on this the holiest of drinking days, listening to Frank Patterson, Josef Locke, James Galway or John McCormack; the great Irish artists.  Taking another sip of Smithwicks I fondlyContinue reading “My Irish Heritage”

Me and Kayleigh Rapping

The phone rang, its ring tones competing with Beethoven’s Minuet in G streaming from the iPod dock. I pressed accept. ” Hi granddad, it’s Kayleigh, I’m shooting a rap video and need an English voice for four lines, can you do that”.  Its programmed into every grandparent’s DNA to never refuse their grandchildren so IContinue reading “Me and Kayleigh Rapping”